When you want to improve your physical health, where do you turn? A personal trainer? A dietician? A primary care physician? While these and other seasoned professionals can certainly help you take better care of your body, don’t overlook all that a holistic wellness coach brings to the table. 

The goal of holistic healing is to achieve optimal well-being, which can only be done by addressing the mind, spirit, and body. You may be familiar with natural remedies that quiet the mind or strengthen the spirit, like meditation therapy, but did you know such treatments can also boost the body?

To learn more about holistic healing and the effects it can have on physical health, read on. Our series on bettering your life continues with practices that can improve immunity, increase energy, relieve pain, and even facilitate the body’s natural healing process. 

How Can a Holistic Wellness Coach Help Me Improve My Physical Health?

After evaluating your physical health and reviewing your biggest concerns, a holistic wellness coach can devise a tailored treatment plan that addresses all your aches and pains. The remedies they propose will depend on your unique needs, but they might include: 

  •       Aromatherapy
  •       Reiki 
  •       Hypnosis
  •       Meditation therapy 

The ultimate goal of your treatment plan will be two-fold. First, it will aim to combat the underlying cause of any issues that are affecting your body, jeopardizing your physical health in the process. Second, it will clear negative energy that’s weighing down your mind and spirit, so the entirety of your being can thrive once your physical health is in check.  

What Are the Benefits of Improving My Physical Health Through Practices Like Meditation Therapy?

The physical benefits of holistic healing are supported by both clinical research and anecdotal evidence. Different therapies inevitably impact the body in different ways, but patients can generally expect to reap the following benefits when receiving care:

  •       Less pain
  •       Better circulation 
  •       Stronger muscles 
  •       More flexible tendons and ligaments 
  •       Lower blood pressure 
  •       More regular digestion 
  •       Better immunity 
  •       A shorter recovery period following injury or illness
  •       More energy 

How Can I Protect My Physical Health?

With help from your holistic wellness coach, you can achieve optimal physical health. The results aren’t going to last, though, if you don’t continue taking care of your body. 

In addition to continuing any practices your coach has recommended, like daily meditation, it’s essential to maintain a balanced diet, get in at least some physical activity every day, and prioritize quality sleep. Limiting bad habits that can hurt your physical health, like drinking alcohol or using tobacco, is also advisable. Finally, if you have any chronic conditions, you’re going to want to follow your primary care physician’s advice for keeping them in check. 

Start Your Holistic Healing Journey Today 

Your mind and spirit aren’t the only things that can benefit from holistic healing. With the right care plan—and enough guidance from a knowledgeable wellness coach—you can optimize your body, as well. For help getting started, turn to Kadeem One. A compassionate meditation teacher, Kadeem can introduce you to a host of practices that will improve your physical health and, subsequently, your life. When you’re ready to dive in, sign up for a virtual meditative session. Hosted every Wednesday, these live classes provide an introduction to the world of holistic healing. Contact Us to sign up for the next one. 


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