Life is all about connections: connections with family, with friends, with co-workers, with strangers. Sometimes they are good, other times not so much. On a metaphysical level after you come in contact with someone, an energetic connection or literally an energetic cord is attached between you and the other person. Some links are stronger than others. For those people you see and speak to often (significant other, BFFLs) the link is stronger, oppose to that of someone you maybe see every so often (neighbor, mail person).

If these etheric cords aren’t cut, they could drain you of your energy. Just think of an electric outlet. The wires connect to plugs. These plugs go inside the sockets and link to your home’s electric circuit. If too many connections are made to your home’s electric circuit, the power can go out. Or worse, an electrical fire can start.

In many ways the things in our physical world, mimic that our inner, metaphysical world. So what does it look like on a human when their lights go out or a fire starts? It can manifest as always feeling tired, not feeling like “yourself”, feeling sick, feeling “emotional” and many other things! Just think about all of the people you came in contact with today (on the train, bus, work, walking through the street). Now think about yesterday…what about last week? Can you imagine how many cords are attached to you?!?! And not to mention, cords can also be attached by other people’s thoughts about you. But that deserves another blog post. 🙂

Soooo, it sounds to me like you need a cord cutting exercise. (Don’t worry, I got you boo!) Below I have laid out 3 simple cord cutting techniques you can do on your own. My suggestion is that you do these daily when you get home from being out. It is always good to do this when your day is over and you will not come in contact with too many people after doing the exercises. This way your energy body can rebalance itself and regain some of the energy it lost during the day.  Once I do these techniques after a long day, my body literally slumps down and I let out a huge sigh. It feels so relaxing and rejuvenating!

3 Simple Ways to Cut Cords

1) Just visualize

For those who are visual, you can close your eyes and imagine the cords from around being cut. You may not consciously know where they are. But your Higher self knows. Just trust that it will cut all the cords that are attached to you.

2) Talk it out

Others of us are verbal. You can recite this to help the process:

With the help of the Healing Angels and Divine Beings please disconnect and disintegrate all unauthorized cords in, through and around my energy body and chakras. Thank you. So Be It.

You can repeat this 3 times.

3) Hi-ya that sucker!

And that leaves the rest of us who are more kinesthetic. Imagine you are holding a knife with brilliant violet light in your hand. Sweep you hand in front of your body in one full, strong motion from the top of your head to your feet with the intention of cutting all cords. You may want to do it a few times. Afterwards wash your hands with warm water and soap to normalize the energy in your hands. Or if you have essential oils, add a few drops of oil with water in a spray bottle and spray on your hands.

That’s it! If you do just one of these techniques, it will definitely have an impact. But if you want more benefits, go for all three.

Enjoy disconnecting!

***Special note: Just because you are energetically disconnecting from others does not mean you are cutting them out of your life or they will no longer be around you. These techniques are meant to help you be more of yourself and regain your own energy, not remove people from your life.

-Kadeem 👑.

If you would like a deeper cord cutting session to cut cords of past traumas and be officially released energetically from past lovers, contact us today for a free one-on-one consultation.

The author wishes to give special mention and thanks to his teachers Jeffrey Noble & Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui for their guidance and teachings.

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