In physics, the word energy is used to describe “the capacity of doing work”. We know this to be true because our capacity to do work is affected positively when we feel like we have high energy and affected negatively when we have low energy. Energy healing/therapy or “energy medicine”, as it is called in the medical community, deals with our total energy capacity in mind, body, emotions and spirit. There are various energy healing techniques practiced throughout the world, most of which employ a no-touch procedure that is likened to a no-touch massage or no-touch acupuncture treatment. These treatments are non-toxic and work to ease imbalances within an individual so that their energy capacity is well-balanced and flows smoothly.

The energy healing practice done at Kadeem One is called Pranic Healing. The root word of pranic is “prana” which means “life force” or “life energy” in Sanskrit. This system, which was created by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, is highly formulaic, systematic and scientific compared to other energy healing systems. This is due to the fact that Grand Master Choa was an engineer by trade. His process to healing follows the same step-by-step principles of his original trade in order to achieve a certain standard of dynamic results.

Varying physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues can be treated with an energy healing treatment at Kadeem One. Sign up today for a session!

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