Hypnotherapy gets its name by combining the words “hypnosis” and “therapy”. It is an effective treatment to help with a myriad of issues from mental illness to trauma to emotional distress to physical pain.
The word hypnosis is defined as: having a heightened state of concentration or focus on a particular situation, while in a very relaxed state. When people think about hypnosis, however, what may come to mind is a hypnotist saying “you’re getting sleepy” while swinging a pocket watch back and forth in front of someone’s face or watching stage hypnosis done in front of an audience in which a hypnotist may ask volunteers to come on stage and act like a monkey or hump a chair. Both examples are mainstream ideas of hypnosis and have their place in society. However, when you add the word therapy to hypnosis which is defined as: treatment intended to help relieve or heal a disorder, hypnotherapy becomes a very powerful tool to get to the root of a problem to attain harmony and balance in your body, mind and emotional state.

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