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November 30, 2021 – Have you been struggling with emotional baggage or spiritual conflict lately? Are you facing an overwhelming amount of stress or anxiety? Do you have a habit of sabotaging all the good things that come your way? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from enrolling in one of Kadeem One’s online courses. 

A compassionate holistic wellness coach, Kadeem wants to help you thrive, and if he can’t do so in person, he’s readily available online. In addition to offering tailored treatments for his clients, which include individuals, couples, families, and business entities, he has a host of virtual services that provide more general guidance for those facing life’s universal problems. Such courses include energy clearing sessions, forgiveness workshops, and prosperity classes with actionable techniques for manifesting what you truly want. 

Kadeem also offers a Divine Energetic Spa Day. For just $19, he’ll lead you through an interactive spa experience in the comfort of your own home. During the 90-minute workshop, your holistic wellness coach will guide you through a deep meditation, which will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. Kadeem will also provide energy therapy to optimize your physical, emotional, and mental states. This will promote a sense of overall wellbeing. To ensure the balance you achieve during your spa day lasts, you’ll leave the workshop with practical techniques and actionable strategies for continuing your self-care journey. 

The other remote courses that are currently available include: 

  •       Wax On, Wax Off: Cleaning Your Energetic Field for Dynamic Renewal 
  •       SUPERcharge Your Prosperity 
  •       Forgive U. Forgive Me
  •       Attract Abundance… Yes, Even Now!

Ranging from one to four hours, each of these workshops aims to leave you in a much better place than you were in when you started. During each session, Kadeem will guide you through the program at a comfortable pace, so you can absorb everything. Core points might include live meditation, energy clearing, reprogramming neurology, recognizing potential, and/or manifesting desire. 

Regardless of which aspect of life you’re hoping to improve—or a desire to enhance all of them—Kadeem One has an online course that can help. Take advantage of his expertise in your own home and on your own schedule by enrolling in one—or more—of his exceptional workshops today!

About Kadeem One 

A well-rounded professional, Kadeem One isn’t your average holistic wellness coach. He’s also an energy healing practitioner, hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, aromatherapist, and inspirational speaker. Whether you want to improve your own life or give the gift of holistic wellness to someone else, you can count on his online courses, which serve as the perfect starting point on the path to self-discovery. To sign up for a virtual workshop, contact us today!

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