The Science Behind It

The Science

Have you ever had the feeling that someone behind you was staring at you only to turn around and see that they were? (Creepy AF.) Have you ever met someone for the first time and just got a bad vibe about them without even knowing their name or shaking their hand? Have you ever thought about someone and within a few seconds they call or text you?

If you said yes to any of those situations, you have been in tune with something called your bio-magnetic field. This field can radiate several feet outside the body and you can be affected by it without even knowing. (Say what now?)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that 90% of all major illnesses are stress related. In the universe according to Kadeem One, this quote needs an adjustment: (clears throat) 90% of all major illnesses are stress related and some of that stress isn’t even yours. If the human body can emit and radiate a field of energy several feet in diameter, then how many times are we picking up other people’s garbage after being only a few feet away from them? #TheStruggleIsReal Fortunately for you, Kadeem One can help you with that!

In physics there is something called entrainment. This is when two things or organisms who may operate individually, begin to match in frequency and vibration. Entrainment can take seconds.

We have all felt this phenomenon before. When we hang out or talk to people who are depressed, sad and negative, all of the sudden we begin to feel sad, depressed and negative. On the opposite end, if we hang out or talk to people who are happy, upbeat and positive, all of the sudden we begin to feel the same way. Welcome to the world of entrainment!

So what does all of this have to do with Kadeem One? Well Kadeem One is just not some woo-woo metaphysical junk, (although we can definitely be woo-woo and metaphysical all day, everyday and we are proud of it!). We are also using readily available scientific research to support the work that we do. So whether we are giving inspirational talks or utilizing aromatherapy, bio magnetic/energy healing, neuro-linguistic programming, visualization, deep breathing, meditation, massage therapy or hypnosis (you are getting sleepy) to better the lives or upgrade the light of those we work with, we back it up with hard proof and refutable evidence.

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