“Your efforts have been instrumental in helping us identify what it was we really needed. We can’t thank you enough!”

Luccia B.

Google employee

“You have such a magic. I don’t know how to explain it. There’s something magical about your gifts and the people you help even when you may not realize you are helping them.”

Stefanie S.

Executive Director of Bailey’s Cafe, a non-profit organization

“You are like a unicorn. It’s almost as if you are too good to exist. And then you happen to show up right when people need you.”

Andreas R.

Director & Producer

“After taking your prosperity class, I started to get some money. I got a check in the mail from some place that I wasn’t expecting. I even had someone who I have been giving money to call me out of the blue and offer to give me some money. Wow!”

Nichole T.

Pharmacy Technician

“Can we talk about that class you taught on wealth? I was shook. I started to receive gifts. Like actual gifts and some money too.”

Angela B.

Math Teacher

“I am personally am so grateful you were with us this semester. I never felt that I fully belonged at this college until you came along. Having you support me so fully and fiercely made me feel like I had made a place for myself. It’s amazing what an impact someone believing in you can make. I will never be able to thank you enough for being that person who believed in me.”

Caroline S.

University Student

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